Do you want your business to make more money in 2016?

I often get great emails from other web developers with very useful tips and ideas for improving web experience. I’ve decided to spread a word about them opening a Category “In my Mailbox”.
So this Category first “guest” publication is a newsletter / poll and it came from Freelancer.
I couldn’t better describe a begin of the year mood of many of us. So lets begin this year and this Category with some fresh ideas!
Start the quote:

Freelancer Newsletter
Do you want your business to make more money in 2016?
Of course you do! Well now is the time to make that a reality.
We’ve put together 11 simple ideas that can make your business more profitable this year:
Stand Out This Year with a New Logo

Excite Customers with a Fresh Homepage

Convert +48% More by Being Mobile Friendly

Convince Customers with Stellar Copywriting

Beat Your Competition with Better Design

Sell 24/7/365 with a Beautiful Online Store

Engage Your Community with Exciting Articles

Rank on Page 1 of Google and Be Found

Develop Your Mobile App (No Coding Required)
Mobile Apps

Reach New Markets by Translating Your Website

Automate and Fix Tough Problems with Software

Have a better idea?

Post It Now →

End of the quote.
What can I add except that I agree with all of these? I support all these ideas and tips but also provide all the services (and more!) from the list above.

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