pink shades bag

Cafepress Review N2. Product Review: Lunch Bag

This is my Cafepress review N2.

So to recall:

I’m opening now a new category :  Cafepress Review.  I started a side project some time ago: Design for print. In this category,  Cafepress review,  I’ll reflect on how I get my designs up on Cafepress.

I must confess: from all Cafepress product there is one I always have a passion to.  The product name: “lunch bag”. It looks so pretty, you can use it for the gift bag first, and then the lucky gift owner will happily use it as a lunch bag I suppose.

Today  I’ll write about my latest Cafepress design which I’ve created for this Lunch Bag:



The title of my design is: Cool People lunch bag. This design has  few editable fields, so the customer will have some fun editing it to personalize, hopefully as much as I did while creating this particular design. Here is just one of the examples one can get editing it:

pink shades bag

I’ll call it Pink Shades Bag. So get creative and make your very own cute gift (pardon, Lunch) bag.



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