Pinterest Blues

This year I’ve started my Pinterest profile, set up boards and now fill them with pins daily with my products ( i.e. printed products with my designs), fashion I like,  board Jobs with something to learn on the way.

So now I test  few things I learn on how to publish your profile, board and pin on WordPress.

My profile on Pinterest:

My Fashion Star board:

And finally, one of the latest pins from this board:

So in all it is working, just copy paste any pinterest link to your wp post and it come out as the widget. Very neat. Another applause for WordPress team. ( The first applause of this week  for WordPress was when I set up the photo gallery of my latest designs in 5 mins!)

One quite awkward thing is that because I type the post on iPad, I need to find Pinterest links in browser first and then copy paste them into the post but I’m guessing it is just a small inconvenience.

You can follow my Jobs board on Pinterest if you want to pick some tips on blogging with social media in mind:

I’ve started this Jobs board to find some jobs on the internet but it  seems quite impossible but as always, some pins are quite informative, at least to pick some tips for blogging.

So in all, follow  me on Pinterest, or rather follow my boards on Pinterest, if you are into the same interests as me.


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