Cosy Night In Polyvore Set

My latest set on Polyvore: Cosy Night In, in which I collected some of my printed products from Gold Butterfly Designs: the Butterfly wall clock, Butterfly pattern rug, Butterfly flip flops, Buttefly phone case. There also two floral cushions: Lavender Grey Ink Cushion and French Glam Cushion and Lavender Grey Floral mug.
You can buy them clicking on links above. There is a list of link of products this set contains down below too but there is a thing with Polyvore which I try to figure out: on many “liked” products on Polyvore after a while a label SOLD OUT appears, so my guess is that lifetime of Polyvore items is only one month or so. Therefore I go through all my published Polyvore sets and add actual product links.
Anyway, Cosy Night In Polyvore set, ladies and gentlemen:
Cosy Night In


Alabaster lighting
€190 –

Patterned area rug
€25 –

Quote throw pillow
€30 –

Personalized clock
€25 –

Throw pillow

Butterfly sandals
€30 –

Pottery Barn nailhead couch
€2.595 –

Dar black accent table
€27 –

Tech accessory
€40 –

So what do we learn so far from Polyvore? That Polyvore items have limited lifespan. Other than that, Polyvore is an excellent website, outstanding connection with other social media websites, learning curve exists but it is as everywhere else. What I like about Polyvore – you always get good response, it is a happy place to be.

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