Mint Home Decor

I must confess: some colors I like some colors more than others which is not that unusual. One of those colors I always consider as remarkable is mint color. Though in real life I have nothing in this color in interiors or in fashion, I like how mint color things look on-screen.

So over the time I created a lots of mint color designs for printed products which  I start to collect in my new Pinterest board: Mint Home Decor, for mint color home accessories, mint color patterns, everything mint. Here is an example on how you can add mint color accessories for your interior:

Mint Living Room


And here is my new  Pinterest Board: Mint Home decor with mint color home accessories:

All pins on this board are links to the products you can actually buy right away!

For example, this mint monogrammed patterned shower curtain is available on Cafepress for $49.95 :

The other thing I like lately – is a Pinterest integration to WordPress – just paste the link to your Pink or board in the post and it comes out as the Pin or Board image!

Back to my Pinterest Mint Home Decor board: I will “beautify” it with the better looking pins and arrange Pins in the order I like but for now I’m glad I’ve found a stable place to display my printed products in order I like. And hopefully with more exposure than in any other place. But this last statement is needed  to be confirmed, of course.


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