Cafepress Marketplace Profile Tutorial

If you are not familiar with Cafepress online store, I’ll describe it for you in one sentence – it is online print on demand gifts store. I create design templates for this store which customers can use to create their own personalized gifts.

I have my own store on Cafepress, however, there is also a Cafepress marketplace where the most sales are.

This particular tutorial is about my Cafepress profile on Cafepress Marketplace.

Imagine you are on a page already. The  Cafepress profile is set on Order by the Sales option by default (to show recent sales) so when customer click on on the profile link, this is what he or she sees:


On a holiday season however, I would like to set my Cafepress profile  on Order by New

and not on Sales as you see on a screenshot above on a left side.

As I have no other options, I’ve created this little tutorial on How to get around on Cafepress profile.

So: if you’d like to see my new design templates for the seasonal gifts on Cafepress, please pick Most Recent option from Order by  dropdown menu on a left side, then you’ll get this (or similar) look of my Cafepress profile:


In all: the name of a game is –  click on – Order by Most Recent (on a left side) on my Cafepress profile page to check my new seasonal gift templates.

Well, I hope this tutorial will work, and I will get some views on my new designs, otherwise I might create a video tutorial on it (:smilies:).

If you found out another way to display your recent designs, please let me know!


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