Product Design for Metallic Swimwear Fashion Set

I took part in Metallic Swimwear Fashion contest on Polyvore.

The brief was:

You’re Golden: Metallic Swimwear
You’re solid gold, baby—so keep up appearances in a metallic swimsuit next time you head out for some fun in the sun. Are you rocking luxe gold, sleek silver or sultry bronze? Create a set to show us how you wear metallic swimwear!

So I’ve created a set that complimented the silver, metallic look swimsuit. For this particular set I’ve created custom butterfly designs for mobile phone case, bag and flip flops on Zazzle:

Metallic Swimwear Fashion Set

Delpozo metallic trousers
€1.570 –

Metallic swimwear
€44 –

White beach cover up
€12 –

Flip flops
€30 –

Tech accessory
€43 –


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