Whatever The Weather

Whatever the weather, the holiday season is upon us and so are all those store deals and sales. I’ve changed my Cafepress store look accordingly ( this is a preview):


You are welcome to look around and  to pick some last minute personalized gifts or gift packing stuff: custom stickers, personalized boxes and totes…


Cafepress Marketplace Profile Tutorial

If you are not familiar with Cafepress online store, I’ll describe it for you in one sentence – it is online print on demand gifts store. I create design templates for this store which customers can use to create their own personalized gifts.

I have my own store on Cafepress, however, there is also a Cafepress marketplace where the most sales are.

This particular tutorial is about my Cafepress profile on Cafepress Marketplace.

Imagine you are on a page already. The  Cafepress profile is set on Order by the Sales option by default (to show recent sales) so when customer click on on the profile link, this is what he or she sees:


On a holiday season however, I would like to set my Cafepress profile  on Order by New

and not on Sales as you see on a screenshot above on a left side.

As I have no other options, I’ve created this little tutorial on How to get around on Cafepress profile.

So: if you’d like to see my new design templates for the seasonal gifts on Cafepress, please pick Most Recent option from Order by  dropdown menu on a left side, then you’ll get this (or similar) look of my Cafepress profile:


In all: the name of a game is –  click on – Order by Most Recent (on a left side) on my Cafepress profile page to check my new seasonal gift templates.

Well, I hope this tutorial will work, and I will get some views on my new designs, otherwise I might create a video tutorial on it (:smilies:).

If you found out another way to display your recent designs, please let me know!

How to add snowfall effect to your blog, website, store

How to add snowfall effect to your blog, website, store?

All you need is one image and one line in your CSS. No JS involved. Believe me it is better not to use extra JS on things like that because any added JS snippet can hurt your website main functions, especially if this is your webshop we are talking about.

Your Steps:

1. Upload snowfall image somewhere to the web and copy this image location

Here is the image I’ve used:


2. Imagine you want to use this snowfall image as  your web page background.

In this case look in your CSS file for body selector and add to it the following line:

        background:url(yourimagepath) 0 0;

Save your CSS file, refresh your page and enjoy.

This is how it looks like on my Cafepress web store in the end of the year:



Technotext NL Cafepress Gift Store Newsletter


Technotext NL Cafepress Gift Store August Newsletter is published! You can read it here

In this post – main headlines!

In the August 2016 Newsletter:

  1. Personalized Back to school gifts
  2. Cool Travels: personalized travel accessories
  3. Personalized gifts and decor for kids
  4.  New T-shirts
  5. Featured Designs
  6. Most popular items
  7. My store round up


search on color store feature

Search Products on Color part 2

Going back to my previous post on Color Search, where I described how to add Shop by color feature to your store. Doesn’t really matter if it is Cafepress store you’d like to add this extra Search function or to your blog…

So how practically you can add Search on color feature to your website?

Very simple!

    1. Make search on colors you want to suggest to your customers on your website and save all links which lead to this products on a certain color.
    2. Add this code snippet in your HTML ( in place you want this color chart to appear:
<pre><div style="text-align:center;">
<a style="text-decoration:none;background:#B30302;display: block;float:left;width:35px;height:35px;margin-right:3px;" href="http://www.cafepress.com/technotextnl/s_red"></a>
<a style="text-decoration:none;background:black;display: block;float:left;width:35px;height:35px;margin-right:3px;" href="http://www.cafepress.com/technotextnl/s_black"></a>
<a style="text-decoration:none;background:grey;display: block;float:left;width:35px;height:35px;margin-right:3px;" href="http://www.cafepress.com/technotextnl/s_grey"></a>
<a style="text-decoration:none;background:#ABF0D1;display: block;float:left;width:35px;height:35px;margin-right:3px;" href="http://www.cafepress.com/technotextnl/s_mint"></a>
<a style="text-decoration:none;background:#FFF4D6;display: block;float:left;width:35px;height:35px;margin-right:3px;" href="http://www.cafepress.com/technotextnl/s_cream"></a>
<a style="text-decoration:none;background:#FCCED0;display: block;float:left;width:35px;height:35px;margin-right:3px;" href="http://www.cafepress.com/technotextnl/s_pink"></a>
<a style="text-decoration:none;background:#8A0034;display: block;float:left;width:35px;height:35px;margin-right:3px;" href="http://www.cafepress.com/technotextnl/s_cranberry"></a>
 <div class="clear">&nbsp;</div></pre>

3. Don’t forget to replace my search on color links to yours and remove  pre tags! Save your changes.
The color chat will appear:


You can see live example of Search on color in my Cafepress Store

This simple HTML snippet is actually a list of links, displayed as the blocks of color. Don’t forget to replace my search on color links to yours!

Of course you can style this snippet further, laying color boxes in pairs, making color boxes smaller, the options are endless, just make some changes in this HTML snippet.






Cafepress Store – Shop by Color Feature

There is a thing with my Cafepress store that it lives on its own because there is no traffic to it sometimes and all sales I got on Cafepress so far, went through the “Cafepress Marketplace”.  But sales or no sales, I like to have this store  to test simple code snippets to get the store to look pretty and functional at the same time. So today I make myself happy introducing Shop by color feature:


So far there are seven most popular gift colors in this little swatch but now I think I will add some more colors to it and may be to go further and will add some kind of image map of designs. Very excited about it!

You are welcome to pick this idea for your own store!