Using Canva For Pinterest Pins

Continuing to improve my Pinterest experiences I’ve decided to look around on how can I make my pins look smarter than they are especially if I pin my own printed products. Presentation is a key. ( Where did I saw the phrase about that content is a king and  the look is a queen?)

I must say I’m impress by Canva. It  offers a lots of templates of any kind in sizes, graphics, style and designer touches. You can master the same in Photoshop but it will take a lot more of your time. So  I did use Canva  to create a better pin for my Personalized Kids Gifts board on Pinterest:

There are a lot of templates, fonts, graphics available on Canva, so you just pick what fit your brand and in a few minutes your beautiful pin is ready to be published. I’m afraid only that I forget about anything else beautifying my pins for hours…

Today I got an email from Canva team with exciting news – they put up new Canva Presentations option:

We just hit a pretty cool milestone – over 80 million designs have now been created in the last 2.5 years since we launched. Thank you so much for all of your support!

Today, we’re excited to launch Canva Presentations. Now when you design a presentation in Canva you can enter full-screen presentation mode with one-click which will allow you to display your presentation in all its glory.

Click here to check out our brand new presentations and let us know what you think!

Thank you for being a part of the Canva Community.

Here is a link to Canva Presentations->

Needless to say I’m completely overwhelmed!  So lets improve our web appearance with Canva, I’m sure I will do my best to do it!



Do you want your business to make more money in 2016?

I often get great emails from other web developers with very useful tips and ideas for improving web experience. I’ve decided to spread a word about them opening a Category “In my Mailbox”.
So this Category first “guest” publication is a newsletter / poll and it came from Freelancer.
I couldn’t better describe a begin of the year mood of many of us. So lets begin this year and this Category with some fresh ideas!
Start the quote:

Freelancer Newsletter
Do you want your business to make more money in 2016?
Of course you do! Well now is the time to make that a reality.
We’ve put together 11 simple ideas that can make your business more profitable this year:
Stand Out This Year with a New Logo

Excite Customers with a Fresh Homepage

Convert +48% More by Being Mobile Friendly

Convince Customers with Stellar Copywriting

Beat Your Competition with Better Design

Sell 24/7/365 with a Beautiful Online Store

Engage Your Community with Exciting Articles

Rank on Page 1 of Google and Be Found

Develop Your Mobile App (No Coding Required)
Mobile Apps

Reach New Markets by Translating Your Website

Automate and Fix Tough Problems with Software

Have a better idea?

Post It Now →

End of the quote.
What can I add except that I agree with all of these? I support all these ideas and tips but also provide all the services (and more!) from the list above.