Whatever The Weather

Whatever the weather, the holiday season is upon us and so are all those store deals and sales. I’ve changed my Cafepress store look accordingly ( this is a preview):


You are welcome to look around and  to pick some last minute personalized gifts or gift packing stuff: custom stickers, personalized boxes and totes…


How to add snowfall effect to your blog, website, store

How to add snowfall effect to your blog, website, store?

All you need is one image and one line in your CSS. No JS involved. Believe me it is better not to use extra JS on things like that because any added JS snippet can hurt your website main functions, especially if this is your webshop we are talking about.

Your Steps:

1. Upload snowfall image somewhere to the web and copy this image location

Here is the image I’ve used:


2. Imagine you want to use this snowfall image as  your web page background.

In this case look in your CSS file for body selector and add to it the following line:

        background:url(yourimagepath) 0 0;

Save your CSS file, refresh your page and enjoy.

This is how it looks like on my Cafepress web store in the end of the year:



Cafepress Store – Shop by Color Feature

There is a thing with my Cafepress store that it lives on its own because there is no traffic to it sometimes and all sales I got on Cafepress so far, went through the “Cafepress Marketplace”.  But sales or no sales, I like to have this store  to test simple code snippets to get the store to look pretty and functional at the same time. So today I make myself happy introducing Shop by color feature:


So far there are seven most popular gift colors in this little swatch but now I think I will add some more colors to it and may be to go further and will add some kind of image map of designs. Very excited about it!

You are welcome to pick this idea for your own store!