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As a part of my advertisement campaign I create custom designs for printed products on Cafepress. You can browse my Cafepress store here: Techotext NL – design for print

    Cafepress Store Newsletter

This month:

  1. Skateboarding collection highlights;
  2. Baby Gift Guide;
  3. Kids Gift Guide;
  4. New This Week;
  5. Most popular items;
  6. My store round up.

1. Skater Collection highlights

Pick your personalized skater accessories from my  Skater Collection:

2. Baby Gift Guide

See my collection on Pinterest:

3. Kids Gift Guide

4. New this week:

From my new Collection

Beach towel Natural

5. Most Popular Items:

How I evaluate popularity of my products:

6. Cafepress store round up

➺New design collections on  Pinterest boards:

Comfy and Cosy Gifts,
Pet Lover Gifts,
Personalized Gardener Gifts,
New t-shirts designs,
Holiday Season Mood Board – Copper, Gold, Silver, Personalized Baby (Shower) Children Products, Fabric Patterns .

➺Featured on my Cafepress profile:
Pesronalized I like you gifts , Custom Sport Related Products.

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